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Here's How You Can Get Involved

Level 1:   

Share your information with us to receive occasional updates and pray for our efforts to change our culture.


Level 2:  

Share your information with us to receive regular updates and be notified of important Election and School Board events where your involvement could make a difference!


Level 3:  

Use your platform in ministry and business to affect significant change in our culture and schools. You can do this by:

  • Introducing candidates to your congregation, either by video, in person, or in church-wide communications.

  • Hold voter registration drives to ensure those under your leadership are ready to make a difference.

  • Recieve notification of significant events happening in our city where your presence and/or support is needed.

Community Action Council recognizes that your time is precious and we will do everything possible to make your involvement as seamless and effective as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our mission is to strengthen our community by helping to elect local candidates who hold a Biblical worldview.

Below you’ll find a link to recommendations for Candidates who have met one or more of the following qualifications: Has responded to the Candidate Survey in a manner that indicates a Biblical worldview, have exercised their authority in a manner that is consistent with a Biblical worldview, and/or been recommended by Christian leaders in our community. If there is no recommendation in a race it means that no one in that race has met these criteria.

It is perfectly legal for you to tell your congregation that you go to the website for candidate information and to encourage them to do the same.

More Ways To Make A Difference

1. Preach sermons on Christian involvement in politics and on Biblical issues

We know that you may have never done this before and you may be nervous about the reaction of your congregation, but we believe this is an important aspect of the teaching in any local church today.  To the left you'll find a video by Dr. Wayne Grudem, Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary and one of the nation's foremost experts on Christian Involvement in Politics.  In the video, he talks about why Pastors should be preaching about political policies. 

If you've never preached on any of these topics, we're working on assembling some videos and sermon notes to help you out.  You can check them out on our [Sermon Topics and Resources] page.  


2. Hold a voter registration drive

The only way to ensure that we have godly leaders elected to office is if we're voting them in.  To do that, we have to be registered to vote!  Did you know that the [Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections] will come out to your church on a Sunday morning to register members of your congregation to vote? 

You can also encourage members of your congregation to register to vote online at [] (perhaps while you're preaching a sermon on the importance of Biblical citizenship).  

3. Candidate Introductions

Let me open this page with the question, “If the Church doesn’t actively engage in deciding who will be elected to office, who is going to be selecting the people who make the rules we live by every day?

Next, a statement, “You hold the key to the direction our society takes! You have the legal right and the opportunity to make a game-changing difference in the future that our families and our communities will see.

That’s right! You, a person your congregation looks up to, can legally encourage them to vote for a Candidate whose first commitment is to the Lord and living out a Biblical Worldview. The “Do’s & Don’ts” page from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) brochure, “Pastors Churches & Politics,” [page 5] provides a summary of the actions Pastors and churches can and cannot take.

The brochure ( reflected above) goes into greater detail about the legality of actions you are considering. A focus of ADF’s mission is legally defending churches, individuals, and organizations that are being persecuted for engaging in activities that ADF views as being legal.

As you can see from the ADF booklet, if it’s someone you know personally, you can relate your own personal knowledge of the Candidate. To encourage the congregation to help our culture by voting for a person whose decisions you feel confident will be based on Truth will be a service to everyone concerned.

When it comes to Candidates you don’t know personally, that’s where Community Action Council (CAC) can help. CAC’s Leadership Team has decades of combined experience in identifying and supporting Candidates who hold a Biblical Worldview. CAC utilizes a proven method for [vetting Candidates].

You can introduce Candidates or you can provide them with a few minutes to speak. An option would be to play a brief Candidate video. You can simply mention them from the pulpit.

Your comments could include you stepping out of pulpit and saying, “I’m talking with you now as an individual and not as your Pastor. As an individual I endorse ‘the Candidate.’” Or you could be less direct and simply say (and this you can say as the Pastor), “’the Candidate’ stands for values that we believe in.”

CAC will help you with Candidate selection and provide any assistance you need with presentation.

4. Attend a CAC informational meeting

We know that you may need to learn more about who we are and what we're doing (or maybe you just want to meet us in person) so we'll be scheduling informational meetings so you can do just that.  Check out our [Events] page for specific date, time, and location information for all currently scheduled Events and for the upcoming Informational Meetings. If you sign up to receive CAC Emails, you’ll be notified whenever new meetings and events are scheduled. We look forward to seeing you soon!


5. Start a Community Issues Team (CIT) at Your Church

A Pastor friend said he wants to start a “Community Issues Team” (or whatever name you desire). He keeps his congregation informed about current events that need to be addressed, but finds it takes a great deal of his time to understand them well enough to educate the congregation on them. With designated people from his congregation having the responsibility of keeping him abreast of political activities in the community, especially those that would have an impact on the ability of the people of the church to live out their faith, he will have more information and at the same time invest less time.

He recognizes that the need has never been greater for the Church to heed Jesus’ command to be “salt” and “light”! All around us the signs of anti-God, anti-family influences grow stronger and more pervasive.

In the public schools our children are explicitly taught that the only difference between them and a frog is an accident of evolution. The absence of any mention of God implicitly teaches them that He doesn’t exist.  School sanctioned clubs promote the acceptance of homosexual behavior as nothing more or less than an “alternative lifestyle”.

Turn on the TV (no, don’t). There is hardly a show that doesn’t either mock God, promote sexual promiscuity, use foul language, demonstrate disrespect for parents, or some combination of the above.

Ride down the roads of nearly any town in the country. Signs blaring “XXX” this or “Adult” that litter the way. Prostitutes and drug peddlers infest our streets.

Having a CIT (whether a group or a dedicated individual) will help broaden his awareness and at the same time reduce the amount of time he personally has to spend searching out the details on all these and a myriad of other issues.

If you are interested in learning more and receiving instructional material on starting your CIT, please [Contact Us].


Liberty Counsel (LC) [Liberty Counsel] Founder and Chairman Mat Staver sent this assurance for you as you consider activities in the upcoming election season: “Liberty Counsel stands with pastors and churches. Pastors should not allow fear of the IRS or a loss of tax-exempt status to intimidate them. Church leaders and pastors must speak on biblical and moral issues. They can and should educate about the candidates’ viewpoints. They can and should encourage people to vote and can even assist them in getting to the polls.”

Simply follow Liberty Counsel’s advice on political activities for the Church and for the pastor, and they will step in to defend you pro-bono if you should be prosecuted for engaging in any of the activities with a “Yes” on their “POLITICAL AND LEGISLATIVE GUIDELINES FOR PASTORS AND CHURCHES”: [English Guidelines] and [Spanish].

LC is one of America’s premiere Christian law firms and fights every day for churches, ministries, and every day Americans who simply wish to live out their faith.  LC has won some amazing cases to ensure that Christians can continue to stand for what we know to be right and true, including a number of victories at the US Supreme Court. They currently have additional cases before the Supreme Court defending our Religious Liberty. An additional blessing is that they have offices right here in Orlando, Florida!

In the video, Mat Staver, a former pastor himself, gives a brief (3 min) explanation of what pastors and churches can and can’t do regarding political activity. This [link] takes you to a more detailed video where he talks about the concept of "separation of church and state" and provides greater detail on what churches can and can't do.  

Liberty Counsel has provided several hundred thousand DVDs of Silence is NOT an Option to pastors and church leaders in America. Compiled through decades of experience regarding churches and nonprofit organizations, these resources encourage pastors and church leaders to speak up on important biblical and moral issues. Liberty Counsel’s “Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches” is also a thorough resource for pastors’ rights

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Community Action Council at: [Contact Us]

Alliance Defending Freedom

There's a lot of confusion and misinformation out there as to what churches and pastors can and can't do.  Here's the great thing.... you don't need to be confused or misinformed! Check out the excellent publication "[Pastors, Churches, & Politics: A Legal Guide for Ministries on Political Engagement]" by [Alliance Defending Freedom] (ADF).  [For a summary of the FAQs on this topic click here or go to page 5 of the brochure].

ADF is one of the nation's premier law firms which fights every day for churches, ministries, and every day Americans who simply live to wish out their faith.  The Christian legal organization has won a number of victories at the US Supreme Court and currently has an additional two being decided by the Court.  ADF has started a [church alliance program] which has a number of benefits, including access to legal representation should you need it.  (Although if you follow  the brochure, we believe that you won't need to engage the help of an attorney!) 

Please take the time to read the Pastors, Churches & Politics brochure so you know your rights (and a few limitations) as you engage with Community Action Council.