Community Issues Teams - (CIT)

A Pastor friend said he wants to start a “Community Issues Team” (or whatever name you desire). He keeps his congregation informed about current events that need to be addressed, but finds it takes a great deal of his time to understand them well enough to educate the congregation on them. With designated people from his congregation having the responsibility of keeping him abreast of political activities in the community, especially those that would have an impact on the ability of the people of the church to live out their faith, he will have more information and at the same time invest less time.

He recognizes that the need has never been greater for the Church to heed Jesus’ command to be “salt” and “light”! All around us the signs of anti-God, anti-family influences grow stronger and more pervasive.

In the public schools our children are explicitly taught that the only difference between them and a frog is an accident of evolution. The absence of any mention of God implicitly teaches them that He doesn’t exist.  School sanctioned clubs promote the acceptance of homosexual behavior as nothing more or less than an “alternative lifestyle”.

Turn on the TV (no, don’t). There is hardly a show that doesn’t either mock God, promote sexual promiscuity, use foul language, demonstrate disrespect for parents, or some combination of the above.

Ride down the roads of nearly any town in the country. Signs blaring “XXX” this or “Adult” that litter the way. Prostitutes and drug peddlers infest our streets.

Having a CIT (whether a group or a dedicated individual) will help broaden his awareness and at the same time reduce the amount of time he personally has to spend searching out the details on all these and a myriad of other issues.

If you are interested in learning more and receiving instructional material on starting your CIT, please contact CAC at: (813)359-9105 or email to: