Health & Sexuality

The two parts of the issue of Health & Sexuality are in some ways inextricably intertwined.

There are numerous negative impacts of the Sex-Ed propaganda being force-fed to our children in the public schools. Most parents aren’t aware of how their students are being sexually indoctrinated, primarily in their “health” classes, but also in inferential material in other classes. In some places, even if parents know and object to the lessons, they are unable to opt their children out.

That hasn’t happened here yet, but unless you know what’s in the curriculum you won’t be able to help your kids understand the truth about the things they’re being taught. Unless you’re “in the know” you won’t know when to step up to protect your children from destructive material before it’s introduced.

Young people need guidance to help them learn how to say, “No!” to peer pressure that pushes them to get involved in sex and other risk behaviors. Instead of being told – repeatedly – that the only safe sex outside of marriage is no sex, the training they get is: “Since you’re going to do it anyway, be sure to engage in ‘safe sex’.”

Condoms have little to no effect on some STDs, and can’t be counted on to be 100% effective with respect to pregnancy or any diseases. Condoms don’t do anything to heal wounded spirits or to protect against the psychological damage that accompanies pre-marital sexual activity.

Much of the “comprehensive sex-ed” training comes from Planned Parenthood. They promote condom use because it ensures a continuing supply of pregnant young women who will seek abortions.

Also, there is no information on the damage done to young people (and people in general) physically and emotionally who engage in the “new sexual morality”. Same-sex and promiscuous sexual activity lead to substantially higher incidences of disease. Both of them, along with transgenderism and other forms of sexual confusion lead to greatly increased risk of mental trauma, resulting in psychological problems that lead to depression, substance abuse, and many other difficulties including suicide.

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