CAC Leadership Team


The Community Action Council Leadership Team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who are all passionate about seeing the Church engage in local politics!  We come from a variety of backgrounds, but are unified in our commitment to serve our local community. 

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PASTOR Tina Bivins

Pastor Tina Bivins was ordained by Pastor Dr. Isaac Calle at Iglesia La Verdad in August 2016. Since 2006, she has been intimately involved with community advancement and enrichment programs, especially those serving the low-to-mid socioeconomic population and children in the foster care system. Pastor Tina volunteers with numerous community and non-profit organizations throughout the Tampa Bay Area. [See More]


Pastor Greg Dumas

Lead Pastor of The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida since March of 2005. His education includes a Bachelor of Education with a Minor in Science from the University of Missouri, and a Masters of Divinity with an Emphasis in Church Planting from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He supports Tampa Bay’s Community Issues Council and The Hillsborough County Community Action Council, which have both been instrumental in influencing local and regional school and county government. Nationally he is a member of The Black Robe Regiment, The Champions Network, The North American Mission Board, The Association of Related Churches and Select National Pastors Association.

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Pastor Darrick Fullwood, Sr.

Pastor Darrick Fullwood, Sr., the founder pastor of THE FAITH CHURCH is a man of faith, not just mustard seed faith but crazy faith. He has an anointing on his life to meet people where they are whether they are rich or poor, young or seasoned, skilled or unskilled, entrepreneur or ex-con. Pastor Fullwood has been groomed and called by God to minister to people from all walks of life and especially to those who have never met Christ. [See More]


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Patrick Heidemann

 I am a grateful believer and follower of my Savior Jesus Christ and a father of two adult daughters. I am completing (August 2018) The Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP) curriculum. In 2017 I re-entered college at USF seeking a degree with emphasis in Behavioral Health Care (BHC). This is done for many reasons including past and current involvement in community and professional groups. [See More]

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Pastor Rick Hernandez

Pastor at The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida since May of 2018. His education includes a Bachelor of Applied Science in Marketing from the University of South Florida, and a Bachelor of Theology from The Crossing Bible College in Tampa, Florida. Rick joined the Hillsborough County Community Action Council, Leadership Team in April 2018. He has over 25 years of experience in executive sales, management, and business entrepreneurship.

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Terry Kemple

Terry Kemple is President of Community Issues Council, a local Christian ministry whose mission is: “To promote Judeo-Christian values by educating and uniting the Church to be able to engage our community in the issues of the day.” He’s been involved in many family values issues here locally, perhaps the most familiar to you would be leading the PROTECT OUR CHILDREN effort that successfully pushed back against the effort to force schools to allow boys in the girls’ bathrooms and showers  [See More]


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Mike Nelis

Mike Nelis is a Real Estate Broker/Developer and Cattle Rancher from the Tampa, Florida area. He is also the CEO of United Christians, a grassroots Political Action Committee, first established in 1986 in Florida, and which now has conservative, Christian activists organizing chapters in all 50 States. He is also the Managing Editor of the News Times Journal, an online, conservative, Christians news and information resource. [See More]