Mike Nelis

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Mike Nelis is a Real Estate Broker/Developer and Cattle Rancher from the Tampa, Florida area. He is also the CEO of United Christians, a grassroots Political Action Committee, first established in 1986 in Florida, and which now has conservative, Christian activists organizing chapters in all 50 States. He is also the Managing Editor of the News Times Journal, an online, conservative, Christians news and information resource.

He has served as an employee, project consultant or Development Officer with Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, the Christian Broadcasting Network, the American Bible Society, and Moody Bible Institute.

Mike Nelis was the Finance Director for the Republican Party of Florida before the age of 30, with the responsibility for raising the entire budget.

He also served in various positions with the Indiana State House of Representatives Staff, the Indiana Republican State Committee and several campaigns, such as Congressman and eventual United States Senator Connie Mack.

His political experience all began at the age of 18 when he ran a grassroots, and underfunded campaign against the current President of the local School Board, defeating him. Ultimately, Nelis became Board President just two years later. This provided the foundation to his confidence in local, grassroots political action.