“What Churches Can & Can’t Do”

The local Church has chosen to unite in the past to protect our children and families from the descent of our culture into a moral abyss. The Church kept the Hillsborough School Board from mandating the boys could use the girls’ restroom and locker facilities (at the same time as the girls) and vice-versa. The Church kept the Hillsborough County Commission from declaring June to be “Gay Pride Month” every year. The Church kept the Hillsborough County Commission from giving a grant to Planned Parenthood a grant to indoctrinate our children into their “safe sex” lie.

But it’s not enough for the Church to unite in a defensive posture! If God’s people come together to be pro-active we can transform our culture! Our children would be being taught in school about the role God played in the foundation of our country and would learn from our Founders that it was His blessing that made America great. Our laws and our schools would reflect the scientific truth that there are only men and women – that there are no other “genders”. Personal responsibility would again become the norm and put an end to the entitlement mentality that is killing initiative.

 You’ve seen from the ADF and Liberty Counsel information that legally you can get involved. Now the question is, “Will you?” Please give us a call or come to one of the informational meetings to learn how easy it is for your congregation to work with other churches to reclaim our Christian heritage.