"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan." -Proverbs 29:2

In our brief history, God has used Community Action Council (CAC) as the catalyst to unite the local Church. Pastors and congregations have come together to stand for Biblical values. This unity in the body has brought, and will continue to bring, victories, not for CAC, but for our community!

When the federal government attempted to force all public schools to allow boys to share the girls’ restrooms and showers and girls to share the boys’, CAC rallied Pastors and concerned Christians from across the denominational spectrum to come together and protect our children from that assault on their innocence. God gave the victory!

When the Hillsborough County Commission was deciding whether to make June “Gay Pride Month” every year in Hillsborough County, CAC once again united Pastors in the effort to halt this effort to indoctrinate our community. This battle was won when Pastors called the Commissioners for their Districts and encouraged them to oppose the law. It was successful because it was coordinated and because many Pastors joined in.

When Planned Parenthood tried to introduce a sex-ed curriculum that would have been teaching our children a corrupt value system regarding sexuality, Pastors rose up and that effort was derailed.

Annually, high schools and middle schools are encouraged by an outside homosexual advocacy group to engage in what is known as the “Day of Silence” (DOS). Students are encouraged to not speak in classroom and other activities that day to show support for their peers who identify as homosexual or transgender. In past years there have been teachers and administrators who not only allowed this, but who actually encouraged students to take part and who sometimes refused to speak themselves.

This type of activism is specifically prohibited for teachers all the time in school and for students except when they’re on their own time like between classes or lunchtime.

In the past there was nothing said or done about this violation. This year, because of the united effort of the Church to affect public policy, the School District administration issued a memorandum to all teachers reminding them that they could not encourage students to participate in DOS and that policy prohibits teachers from being involved themselves.

CAC will see more victories as more Pastors and congregations join in. God has given the people of the United States the opportunity to elect our “kings”. CAC’s mission is to “strengthen our community by helping to elect local candidates who hold a Biblical worldview, encouraging Pastors to engage in the political process personally and through their congregations, and equipping the body of Christ to make a difference in local political affairs.”

You are the key to whether or not the effort brings victory. God uses the Church when it comes together to accomplish His goals.

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