Candidate Recommendations

The following Candidates are being recommended by CAC because there was sufficient information available to effectively evaluate them based on the criteria set forward in "How Candidates Are Qualified".

The first section of the following list is made up of people who were chosen because they can be relied on to vote based on Biblical principles.

If you’re a Pastor, you can be comfortable introducing them to your congregation. You can have a significant, positive impact on the General Election by simply making your congregation aware of this website:

The second section of the list is made up of people who were chosen because they are the "better option" and can be expected to vote based on conservative &/or Biblical principles most of the time but not all the time. I still encourage you to vote for them because not voting for them is like voting for their opponents. Their opponents can be relied upon to vote against conservative &/or Biblical principles most of the time! 

If there is no candidate selected in a race it means no one could be relied on to ever vote based on Biblical principles.   

Likely To Vote To Vote Biblical Principles Regularly

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Hillsborough Transit Tax

CAC is adamantly opposed to the Hillsborough Transit Tax. The way it was put on the ballot and the way it is being marketed are both deceitful!

This will do virtually nothing to ease congestion! It actually prohibits the vast majority of the money from being used to widen existing roads or build new roads.  

What it will do is put 4 train lines in Tampa, impose a 30 year tax on the people in the unincorporated county who will see virtually no return on their "investment", and greatly enrich a few already wealthy individuals whose business interests will realize windfall profits.

Hillsborough School Tax

Generally, as a conservative grassroots organization, Community Action Council would not be in favor of increasing taxes. This is a special case and CAC is urging a YES vote in favor of the local initiative to raise taxes by 1/2 cent for Hillsborough County Schools.  

This initiative will help students and teachers by fixing an emergency need that was created by financial mismanagement when MaryEllen Elia was Superintendent of Schools. During the "great recession", she and the School Board that was in office at the time made significant errors in judgment that led to the current financial emergency. The current Superintendent, Jeff Eakins, along with the newer School Board Members have turned things around and are headed in the right direction. They are asking the community to come alongside with this short-term increase to put them back on a solid foundation from which they will be able to continue building.