Christian Voters


Pastors and School Board Members “Imagine” what our community would be like if … (1 min)


“Matthew 5:64 "Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled".


Community Action Council (CAC) needs to have Watchmen from local churches who will gather information on the activities of local government: School Board, County Commission, City Councils and Mayors, Tampa Bay Legislative Delegation, and other governmental agencies. Although the Watchmen will be looking at the overall activities of these bodies with a Biblical Worldview perspective, their main focus will be on issues that will have an impact on our ability to live out our faith.

The gathered information should be channeled to CAC so that it can be distributed to local churches and the Body of Christ can take a stand for righteousness in our community.

If you would like more information about becoming a Watchman, please [Contact Us] to provide information so that CAC can follow up with you.”


“There's a lot of confusion and misinformation out there as to what churches and Pastors can and can't do regarding elections and issues advocacy.  Here's the great thing.... you don't need to be confused or misinformed! Check out this excellent brochure so you will know the ins and outs and be sure to forward a link to this information to your Pastor. "[Pastors, Churches, & Politics: A Legal Guide for Ministries on Political Engagement]" by [Alliance Defending Freedom] (ADF).  [For a summary of the FAQs on this topic click here or go to page 5 of the brochure].

ADF is one of the nation's premier law firms which fights every day for churches, ministries, and every day Americans who simply live to wish out their faith.  The Christian legal organization has won a number of victories at the US Supreme Court and currently has an additional two being decided by the Court.  ADF has started a [church alliance program] which has a number of benefits, including access to legal representation should you need it.  (Although if you follow the brochure, we believe that you won't need to engage the help of an attorney!) 

Please take the time to read the Pastors, Churches & Politics brochure so you know your rights (and a few limitations) as you, your Pastor, and your church engage with Community Action Council.”


Another prominent Christian legal firm is [Liberty Counsel] (LC) and they are located right here in Florida! Liberty Counsel has won some amazing cases in State and Federal courts to ensure that Christians can continue to stand for what we know to be right and true.   

In the video, former Pastor and LC Founder and Chairman Mat Staver gives a brief (3 min) explanation of what your church and your Pastor can and can’t do regarding political activity. This [link] takes you to a more detailed video where he talks about the concept of "separation of church and state" and provides greater detail on what churches can and can't do.  

Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel are great national organizations that provide excellent information on what the Church Can and Can't do within the political realm. The focus of both of their missions is to provide legal services to churches, individuals, organizations, and sometimes government entities who are being persecuted for actions that ADF and/or LC feel are legal. They frequently represent entities that follow their guidelines and are being prosecuted for those activities on a no cost basis. Churches and individual Christians can fully engage in the political process, so please exercise those rights and privileges! Just be sure to follow the guidelines!

If you have any questions or want to get personally involved, please feel free to contact Community Action Council at: [Contact Us].

Steps You Can Take

1.    Join The Community Action Council (CAC) Team. Click [Contact Us] and let CAC know how to contact you. You will receive periodic updates on issues of importance to the Church. We will not share your information with other organizations without your approval.

2.    Recruit others who are interested in helping bring a Biblical Worldview to bear on the activities of local government.

3.    Hold meetings at your church (or other location) of like-minded individuals. If you would like, CAC will post the event and notify others in your area about the meeting. A CAC Team member will work with you and help make your meetings productive. Need a guest speaker? CAC will help you get one.

4.    Establish a voter registration desk in your church to help members register. If you want, the [Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections] will come out to your church on a Sunday morning to register members of your congregation to vote. You can also encourage members of your congregation to register to vote online at []. If they want absentee ballots, they are available at: [Request Vote By Mail].

5.    CAC will help you establish a plan for you to get other Christians to get out and vote.  All of our votes are needed to elect those to office who hold a Biblical Worldview.

6.    There is a wide range of areas in which you can be involved to make a difference. Choose the ones you’re willing to work in and CAC will help you formulate a plan.